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We’re a huge fan of Wally Pfister, the brilliant cinematographer best known for his long-time collaboration with director Christopher Nolan, which has garnered him four Oscar nominations. In part one of an exclusive interview Pfister talks to Mark Kermode about his early career shooting low budget erotic thrillers. Yay! Pfister‘s directorial debut ‘Transcendence’ is set for release April 18th, 2014.

Speaking of excellence in cinematography, Stephen Murphy created a series of “personal study documents” — PDF files that compile quotes from a particular cinematographer placed next to stills from their cinematic efforts. This is brilliant stuff, great work done.

I’ve been making a conscious effort in my downtime over the last year to take a closer look at some of the cinematographers who were particularly influential on me as I was learning my craft. Re-reading interviews with them and studying their work, I’ve collected quotes and images into a document that I can refer back to. The process of examining their work frame by frame has proved to be hugely beneficial to me, and these documents are just a byproduct of that process, but I’ve been sharing them on my blog for anyone else who might find them useful. —Stephen Murphy

Click to download the documents in PDF form:

In case you somehow missed it, 110 of the world’s top cinematographers discuss the art of how and why films look the way they do. ‘Cinematographer Style’ is about the Art and Craft of Cinematography. It is about how everything, from life experiences to technology, influences and shapes an individual’s visual style. Because of the powerful impact that the visual style of a movie can have, this documentary may offer contemporaries valuable insights into the dramatic choices Cinematographers make. And, it is expected that the material will have significant historic value as well.

“Lenses are really important to me,” says Roger Deakins in ‘Cinematographer Style,’ after which we get an in-depth discussion on working with the Coen Brothers and how to shoot with the audience in mind. A great conversationalist, how can one not listen to this man speak about film?

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Regarding public speaking.

Regarding public speaking.

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"And I cried. For myself. For this woman talkin’ about love. For all the women who have ever stretched their bodies out anticipating civilization and finding ruins."

— Sonia Sanchez (Homegirls and Handgrenades)

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